Various opportunities to provide awareness of the NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process development and implementation process and gather stakeholder input are provided by the Office of Early Learning. Please check back often as this page will be continually updated.




March 22, 2017
KEA Updates
NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process: Kindergarten Entry

This session will provide updates regarding the Kindergarten Entry Assessment portion of the NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process, including expectations for the 2017-2018 school year, technology enhancements, and regional coaching and technical assistance support.
March 20,
Expert Panel PPT
What is the Impact of the Kindergarten Entry Assessment?

Join experts for tabletop discussions to learn about the impact of the KEA and to gain pragmatic ideas for immediate implementation.

Expert Presenters

  • Carrie Allen- Elementary Director Asheville City Schools
  • Greg Florence- Principal Dare County Schools
  • Paula Flythe- Elementary Director Edgecombe County Schools
  • Lisa Kittrell- Director of English Language Arts and Pre-Kindergarten Program Carteret County Public Schools
  • Shannon Marlowe- Director of Elementary Education Henderson County Schools
  • Nicole Pait- Intervention Specialist Richmond County Schools
  • Ramona Warren- Principal Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
NCAEE: October 17, 2016
10:15 - 11:30
Concord A
Teacher Panel PPT and see also links to Teacher presentations to the right.
Let's Talk About Growth! Kindergarten Teacher Success Stories

Join this session to hear from Kindergarten teachers as they share specific ways they are moving their students forward through managing and using the formative data they collect to customize their instruction. During this session, a panel of teachers will share their success stories and ideas during small group discussions.

Teacher Presentations
NCAEE: October 18, 9:45-10:45

NCaeyc: September 17, 2016
How to Use the NC K-3 FAP APP: Apple Devices
How to Use the NC K-3 FAP APP: Android Devices
APPsolutely an Easy Way to Collect Evidence: NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process APP

This session will enable educators to manipulate this user-friendly app to learn how to easily capture documentation in the moment. Educators will use the app as they practice capturing evidence of students’ learning using audio, video, photo, and text notes. These professionals will then identify an appropriate learning status for students using the evidences collected for each student. Finally, the educators will leave this session ready to gather different types of evidence with just a few taps of the NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process APP. Be sure to bring your device and login information for the NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process Platform.
NCAEE: October 18, 8:30 - 9:30

NCaeyc: September 17, 2016
PowerPoint Presentation
Peek at a Week Example
Blank Peek at a Week Document
Tip Sheet for Peek at a Week
Dynamite Domino
Flip Game
Pom Pom Toss
Try the App!
At a Glance Document
Video #1: Easel
Video #2:
Take a Peek at a Week: Incorporating the NC KEA into Daily Instruction

As teachers implement the NC KEA process, it is beneficial to recognize that many K teachers have all the skills they need to begin the process in their classrooms. The session will empower teachers to carefully consider their weekly lesson plans and incorporate the formative assessment process into what has already been planned. Join the Office of Early Learning to learn how easily an educator can gather evidence of learning about his/her kindergarten students without stopping instruction. The suggestions will assist teachers in identifying the next steps in the instructional process while meeting the needs of the whole child.
NCaeyc: September 17, 2016
NC K-3 FAP Critical Components
Critical Components Jigsaw Activity
My Current Practice and Next Steps
Reaching for the STARS with the NC KEA: Strategic Teaching, Assessment, & Response

During this session, you will explore the five critical components of formative assessment. Strategic teaching is at the core of formative assessment. Understanding the 5 Critical Components of the NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process results in STAR teaching and supports optimal learning conditions. Learn how to align teacher behaviors with formative assessment to yield responsive systems of support for every child. Achieve STAR teaching and learning through formative assessment!
NCAEE: October 18, 11:15-12:15

NCaeyc: September 17, 2016

“Byte” Size Information about the NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process Technology Platform Reporting Tools

This interactive session introduces the reports in the NC K-3 Formative Assessment Platform and guides educators through the process of generating reports that can be used to inform planning next steps. This “byte” size information about various reports will assist educators in understanding how powerful this data can be to inform next steps for students’ learning. Educators will also learn how to complete a Family Communication Form that can be used to help guide conversations with families about a student’s next step in learning and development. Be sure to bring your device and login information for the NC K-3 Formative Assessment Platform.
October 17, 3:15-4:30

NCaeyc: September 17, 2016
Don't Be a DRIP Educator: PLCs Can Enhance Learning about the Whole Child
Don't Be a DRIP Educator: PLCs Can Enhance Learning about the Whole Child

Educators sometimes find themselves as Data Rich and Information Poor (DRIP) teachers. Avoid being a DRIP by learning how to collect evidence of student learning in relation to the NC Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA) Construct Progressions. This data collection can lead to rich conversations in a PLC while serving as a catalyst for instructional change in grades K-3. This hands-on session will provide samples of evidences of student learning enabling attendees to discuss a student’s current learning status and the subsequent instructional steps along a learning progression. Participants will leave this session with a better understanding of the NC KEA construct progressions and tools to support PLC conversations that focus on the whole child.
April 2015
What is IT? Preparing for the 2015-2016 School Year
This two-part recorded PowerPoint Presentation explains what the NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process at Kindergarten Entry is and is not. It provides concrete examples of how a kindergarten teacher can begin eliciting information about the students at the beginning of the school year and purposefully plan for observational moments. In addition, this presentation addresses effective structures to use to support teachers' implementation of this process.
April 2015
Working Together: K-3 Literacy & K-3 Formative Assessment
This recorded PowerPoint Presentation highlights how Reading 3D data can be used within the K-3 Formative Assessment Process. Connections between Print Concepts & Reading Behaviors and the Book Orientation & Print Awareness constructs are also made. A special thank you to Rebecca Belcastro and Cindy Dewey for working together to provide this information.
June 24, 2014

Summer Leadership Conference

This session provided participants with an overview of the NC KEA/K-3 Formative Assessment Process and resources developed to help guide the process. Updates were presented on the upcoming NC KEA Pilot as well as work currently in development.
May 30, 2014

North Carolina Parent Teacher Association

During this session, parents were provided with overview of the development of the K-3 Formative Assessment Process. Parents shared thoughts and offered suggestions for consideration about how to engage families in the assessment process.

Parent Feedback #1
Parent Feedback #2
K-3 Assessment Overview
March 18, 2014

K-3 Formative Assessment Presentation - Your Voice is Vital!
This presentation was held at the NC Reading Association Conference.

K-3 Assessment Overview
NCRA Handout
One Page Brief
March 13, 2014

North Carolina Association for School Administrators Conference

This session provided an overview of the K-3 Assessment and facilitated opportunities for participants to provide input regarding stakeholder involvement.

K-3 Assessment Overview
K-3 Formative Assessment Legislative Overview
Current Realities and Future Needs - NCASA

October 2013

NCAEE K-3 Assessment
This session provided an overview and vision of K-3 formative assessment and engaged participants in discussion and input about KEA, K-3 Assessment, and developmentally appropriate practice.

July 16, 2013

North Carolina Public Charter School Association Conference

This session provided an overview of the K-3 Assessment and facilitated opportunities for participants to provide input regarding stakeholder involvement.

June 2013

NAEYC K-3 Formative Assessment System: Necessary Considerations

During this session, participants discussed the necessary considerations for designing and implementing a developmentally appropriate assessment process.

May 2013

Smart Start Conference: Kindergarten Entry Assessment

Kelly Maxwell, Catherine Scott-Little, Cindy Bagwell, and Kathe Taylor provided information about the development of Kindergarten Entry Assessments from national and state perspectives.

March 2013

CCSA Formative Assessment ShowcaseXXXX

This presentation provided an overview of the K-3 Assessment through a visual representation presented during the Showcase portion of the Formative Assessment session.


CCSA K-3 Assessment

This session provided an overview of the K-3 Assessment and facilitated opportunities for participants to provide input regarding stakeholder involvement.