Each child is honored, respected, and empowered to achieve success in school and life.

In response to legislation passed by NC General Assembly, and to meet requirements of the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge grant, NCDPI’s Office of Early Learning is designing a developmentally appropriate, individualized assessment for K-3 children.

This assessment will be formative in nature and aligned with both North Carolina’s Early Learning and Development Standards and the Standard Course of Study. It will build on the best assessments currently being used in the early grades while broadening areas assessed to incorporate the five domains of development and learning included in North Carolina’s definition of school readiness. The K-3 Assessment will provide teachers a more complete picture of the whole child and provide data to inform daily instructional practices and help meet the needs of every child.

The Office of Early Learning values stakeholder input and will offer a variety of opportunities for teachers, administrators, families, and community members to be involved. Monitor this wiki for updates and new information regarding the K-3 Assessment. Information will also be sent out via the Office of Early Learning listserv.


NC Superintendent June Atkinson convened the K-3 Assessment Think Tank which included NC school teachers, parents, scholars representing seven NC universities, and education leaders. The group was charged with proposing a plan to improve early elementary school learning and instruction through more efficient and effective use of student-centered assessments. Over a nine-month period, the Think Tank reviewed scientific findings and best practices and solicited input from a wide array of stakeholders, including a survey of over 2,500 NC teachers and consultation from over 60 state and national scholars and education leaders. The report summarizes the Think Tank’s findings, its proposal for an innovative process to improve learning, and its recommendations for next steps. Use the following link to read the full report:

Unpacking the Think Tank Webinar Recording from February 12, 2014:

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